Jukey is a android music player with a Jukebox style interface. Seed the jukebox with a playlist and browse through your albums with the jukebox style buttons, or swipe actions. Select a song by tapping on the title or by entering the album index and song index with the on screen numbered buttons. Available for devices running Android 3.0 and higher.


  • Tap a song to add it to the playback queue
  • Long press on the album title or artist to add the entire album to the playback queue
  • Scroll albums using the “<” and “>” albums
  • Scroll to an album entering its index with the buttons, additionally punch in the song index to add it to the queue
  • Tap the now playing album information to scroll the now playing album
  • Tap a playback queue entry to scroll to the album
  • Long press a playback queue entry to remove the selection
  • Double tap the now playing album art to hide or show the playback controls (party mode)
  • Tap the continuous play button to enable continuous play mode (plays a random song whenever the queue is empty)
  • Load a different playlist by tapping the playlist / search button