Playlist: Cover Song Chain

I’ve had the idea for a while for a couple playlists. One was to be a duet chain where it started with a duet with A & B and the next song was a song with B & C, then C & D, etc. My other idea was to try to do a playlist of cover songs. So the first song is a artist A covering artist B, then the next song is artist B covering artist C, etc.

Yesterday I put together a cover song chain playlist. It’s got some good stuff on it, and as an added bonus, the last song in the playlist is a cover version of the first artist, so it’s a loop. It’s also under 80 minutes so it would fit on a CD.

There are two potentially questionable links. I counted Prince’s version of Nothing Compares 2 U as a cover of Sinead O’Connor’s version even though he wrote it. Also, “Love the One You’re With” is technically a Stephen Stills solo song, but I followed it with a Crosby, Stills and Nash song. I’ve seen CSN in concert and they played it, so I’m going to allow it.

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